Home Organizing 

At its most basic level, home organizing is about creating a home that functions smoothly, that soothes and nurtures all who live there.

-Closet Design & Organizing

-Home Office Organizing

-Craft Rooms

-Home Command Center Design & Organizing

-Paper/Filing Sytems

-Kitchen Design & Organizing

-Basements / Garages

-Yard & Outdoor Areas

-Barns & Storage Sheds

-Complete Clean-Outs


The amount of time the average business person squanders looking for items in their office can be very time consuming. It's time to end the procrastination and get organized with style.

-Move past the clutter of your day-to-day duties by creating a space that works for you and not against you

-Design an office space so that equipment and office supplies are easily accessible

-Create an easy-to-use file system so that you can easily retrieve items when you need them

-Set up a system for sorting mail and paying bills


Do you wish your computer could be like an organized filing cabinet where you can find the files that you need in just a couple of seconds? Would you like to get a better handle on your digital photo management? E-mail, electronic documents, and websites make our lives easier, but just like everything else, they can become clutter too.

Here is how I can help:

-De-clutter your desktop and get rid of unnecessary icons

-Organize your folders and favorites so they make sense and you can find your documents easily

-Organize your digital photo files by date or event

-Backup important information and photos to a hard drive

-Assist with any other computer questions

-Help setup automatic and bill pay options and online statements


One of my favorite gifts to give and to receive is a personalized photo gift or a photo album. The problem is not everyone has the patience or the time it takes to create one...That's where I come in the picture. You can hire me to create your digital photo storage account on a website that is secure.

With this you can also create displays of some of your favorite memories by making items such as…

Photobooks, Cards & Stationary, Prints, Calendars, Photo gifts, Home decor

How it works is, I scan and/or download your pictures to your account. Once the pictures are into your account, you can choose which photo services you would like me to create for you. My fees for this service will depend upon the project. Most sites offer many different types and sizes of photo books. I have posted a few of the photobooks I have made in the past.


Moving can be very unsettling and a task not too many people enjoy doing. I can help take the pain and stress out of moving and relocating.

Services include:

-Planning prior to the move.

-Help encourage and declutter as packing for new home/office, if needed.

-Properly pack and label.

-Unpack boxes.

-Arranging Donations.

-Discuss space planning & item placement in new home/office.

-Arranging furniture.

-Hanging pictures.

-Help direct movers on move-in day.


Whether moving from a large family home or to a condo, from a private home to an assisted living or senior community, I can help make the transition easier for you and your loved one. With the services I offer busy, working, or out-of-town relatives do not have to put their own lives on hold to tend to the time-consuming details of downsizing.

How I Can Help:

-Create a space plan for the new home

-Help decide what to purge and keep

-De-clutter and disperse items to family and charitable organizations

-Assist in paper Management

-Pack and unpack

-Provide emotional support


-Childhood Memorabilia Gathering & Organizing

-Collectibles Organizing

-Backup & Scanning Services

-Tax Information Gathering

-Holiday Decorating

-Meal Prep

-Errand Running

-Estate & Garage Sale Hosting

-Extra Set of Helping Hands


Each project is unique and tailor-made for each individual. Therefore, the pricing of each project will vary. Some projects are charged by the job and some by the hour. Payment is due at the end of each session unless arrangements have been made prior. I accept cash, check or PayPal and all major credit cards. Call to set up your complimentary consultation!

What to Expect

Before we get started, It is necessary that I evaluate your space. That I look and listen, and ask questions to help you figure out what might work for you. This is also our time to get to know each other. Know that it is safe to show me your belongings and tell me what you need and would like, what works for you and what doesn't.  We go over and sign a Confidentiality Agreement and Photo Release Agreement (optional), come up with a plan of action, get focused and get BUSY!

I make sure your surroundings and systems are set up to support your best performance, both at home and at the office. The time you need me is mostly up to you and if you can quickly make decisions. If there are few interruptions your project can be accomplished as fast as you would like it to be. I do not leave until you are satisfied. We will do a final walk through together and I will be on my way.

Typical supplies needed to complete your project are labels, file folders, bins, baskets or other containers, and sometimes shelving which is not included in my fee.  Before we rush off in a shopping frenzy, we will “shop your house” to see if there are supplies and solutions already available.  Think recycling, reusing, and repurposing.  That’s all the rage and works quite well quite often. Whether I shop with you or for you  I do not charge for mileage or drive time to shopping locations. The cost of agreed upon supplies is the responsibility of the client.

What I see in your space is between you and I and no one else. I am not here to judge you, I am here to help you. Your confidentiality is cherished with me. 

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